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DeafDigest – 19 January 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 19, 2021

— fast-food outlet instructs deaf to drive to an open window

A nationally-known fast food outlet has a sign that instructs
deaf drivers, unable to use the voice kiosk, to drive
to an open window to place written orders. One deaf
driver did and he was denied service. The inside employees
have not been made aware of this deaf-driver policy.
As a result, the company attorney is trying to undo
the damage because the deaf driver used his iPhone
to run a video of this incident in which the
employees used inappropriate language!


— many lip readers won’t admit it

There are many hearing people that can lip read
(not necessarily better or worse than deaf).
It is just that many of them just won’t admit it!


— a serious problem with voice conference calls

Interpreters do handle voice conference calls, but
there is a problem. When too many people spoke
up at the same time, or when they do not identify
themselves, not only the interpreters are lost
but so are the deaf clients! This was the issue
raised in a lawsuit when a deaf client lost
his job.


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