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DeafDigest – 28 January 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 28, 2021

— Attorneys that avoid paying for interpreters

The ADA requires the attorneys to pay for interpreters
when communicating with deaf clients. There are
attorneys that avoid paying for these fees –
they suggest handwritten notes or using texts.
Additionally the attorney has the final say
on how to accommodate the deaf client.
Fair or unfair? Communications should be a
win-win situation, instead of one side
“winning” and the other side “losing”


— English language police

Monroe County has one of the largest deaf
populations in the world, because it is
where NTID is located. The county
Legislature Committee voted to favor
a bill that would hire a “language access”
position that reports to the Department of
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This
person would function as English
language police officer, making sure
that everyone understands the language
that everyone, including the deaf and
immigrants, would understand!


— 207 – really?

Sometime ago, a disgruntled deaf employee
was fired, and claimed it was because of
his deafness. The settlement was made
for $207,000. The deaf employee said his
attorneys told him it was $207,000,000.
The federal circuit court sided with
the employer. The sign for $207,000
is “M” touching once the palm of
the hand. The sign for $207,000,000
is “M” touching twice the palm of
the hand.


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