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DeafDigest – 29 January 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – January 29, 2021

— so much controversy over White House interpreter

DeafDigest editor is concerned with the appointment of
the White House interpreter because of her personal
background. The issue is neutrality. Today’s Washington
Post said she has translated misinformation.


— an influential fashion model is deaf

Carola Insolera, who is deaf, was said to have
a strong influence in the modeling/fashion
industry – thanks to her varied background.
Before devoting herself to modeling, she was
a TV host, actor, clown, trapeze artist
and contortionist.


— ex-interpreter knowing only 50 signs

Camryn Manheim, before becoming an Emmy winning
actress, was a past hospital interpreter.
In an interview, she said:

I had learned the alphabet and certainly a hand
full of signs, perhaps fifty words

It is disappointing that hospitals would
hire interpreters that only knew 50 words


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