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DeafDigest – 01 February 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 1, 2021

— deaf in dangerous jobs

Could deaf people work in dangerous jobs?
A hearing peson that works in a dangerous
job said that his fellow workers use
gestures and simple sign language to
communicate with each other! Pay in
dangerous jobs are much better than
those in “safe” jobs.


— coded sign language

Some deaf people use ASL to communicate in
codes, that other deaf people would not
understand. An annual event in New Ulm,
Minnesota is the Amazing Race. Just
recently over 30 hearing teams took part
in this event. One of the race clues
was in ASL, hidden in a code. The
teams had to figure out the code before
running to the next location.


— importance of interpreter’s neutrality

DeafDigest questioned the neutrality of
the White House interpreter. He recalls
an incident, many years ago. At that time
there was no such a thing as RID-certified
interpreters. Interpreting was mostly
voluntary. At one meeting, a very hard of
hearing person volunteered to interpret.
At the end of the meeting he was challenged
as to his neutrality, being accused of
distorting the speaker’s words!


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