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DeafDigest – 02 February 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 2, 2021

— BioCatch hopes to help the deaf

BioCatch is a new tech company that should help
the deaf. People, both hearing and deaf, forget
their passwords and go through lots of trouble
trying to log in. Support service people ask
them to use their voice to establish their
identities. This does not help the deaf.
Instead, BioCatch copies people’s computer
mouse movements and establishes their identity
in case they forget their passwords. Hope it
works because it is a terrible hassle for the
deaf to use voice relay and run into challenges
by these support service people.


— one deaf patient, two different medical opinions

Doctors often (or always) disagree with each other.
There was a newspaper headline that said:

Two doctos give different disability certificates
to a deaf patient.

One was certified as deaf; the other was certified
as disabled.


— the CODA movie

Is the upcoming CODA movie realistic? There are Codas
that are very comfortable being with the deaf. There
are other Codas that are very uncomfortable being
with the deaf. No two Codas are the same. DeafDigest
editor never forgot an argument at the bar with one
of the Coda founders. He loved being a Coda but said
it is often an uncomfortable feeling. It was an
issue that DeafDigest editor’s deaf friend, himself
a father of two Codas, disagreed.


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