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DeafDigest – 03 February 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 3, 2021

— GSL or USL – which one?

GSL means Gesture Sign Language.
Many hearing people use it, and
it is not the same as ASL.

USL means Useful Sign Language.
DeafDigest saw this phrase while
surfing today’s deaf news. Same
thing as GSL? Probably so!


— first alarm clock for the deaf

Was the first alarm clock for the deaf invented
in 1948? There was a short story in a newspaper
in 1948 that said a deaf man from Rainsboro, Ohio
invented his own alarm clock. He was worried
about not coming to work on time in the mornings.
The name of the deaf man was not mentioned in
the story.


— hearing doctors discriminate against deaf doctors

There was a story today of Dr. Chad Ruffin, a deaf
ENT physician saying ableism exists in the medical
field. Ableism is discrimination, just a different
word describing the same thing. Keep in mind
discrimination against deaf professionals exists
in all fields, and not just medicine. Successful
deaf professionals have shared with DeafDigest
their stories of discrimination at their work
places. A sad fact of life? Yes.


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