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DeafDigest – 04 February 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 4, 2021

— a big hospital nightmare

A hospital says they offer interpreters
for the deaf. Great, only that it is
VRI, not face-to-face interpreting.
VRI is better than no interpreting
at all but it leads to one huge
nightmare. It is that a VRI may run
low on battery power and the nurses
do not know where to locate the
battery charger. It happened to
DeafDigest editor once; in fact
the nurses were warned that the
VRI was low on battery, and
they were dismissive about it!


— USA vs China; China wins

USA vs China; China wins. USA has just
one ASL Starbucks store (in Washington, DC).
There was a story today that China now has
four sign language Starbucks stores –
Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Hangzhou.
Why is this happening?


— deaf CEO makes big money

CEO Martin Port made big money by selling
Bigchange, his high tech company, to
Great Hill Partners, a US private equity
firm. Port is deaf, but functions as a
hearing person.


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