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DeafDigest – 08 February 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 8, 2021

— High stakes confidence in interpreter’s neutrality

Today’s newspapers ran stories of the past White House
interpreter not being asked by the new administration
to continue interpreting for them. Two points need
to be raised – when the new White House takes over,
many, if not all, past White House people, are
replaced. Secondly, while all interpreters say they
are neutral, regardless of personal beliefs, the
audience must have have confidence in the interpreter’s
neutrality. No confidence means serious speech issues!


— advising HSBC clients of best investment opportunities

HSBC is a huge international investment bank,
tasked with giving clients their best investing
opportunities. One of these investment counselors
is Tim Roberts. He is deaf, but knows no sign


— A deaf person stole the show from MVP Brady

Warren Snipe, better known as Wawa, is deaf
and he gave the ASL rendition of the National
Anthem. Not only he outperformed Tom Brady
(who does not sing at all) but also of the
Eric Church-Jazmine Sullivan voice duet.
The newspapers said the voice duet was a
mess while they all said Wawa, who does not
play football,  was great. About time for the deaf
to get national attention from the media and
the newspapers during the Super Bowl!


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