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DeafDigest – 10 February 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 10, 2021

— a big problem real-time captions

There is a serious problem with real-time
captions, according to a deaf person,
who is a TV critic and watches news and
talk programs. The real-time captions
is fine. What is not fine is that hearing
speakers talk too fast, real too fast,
making it a challenge for captioners
to catch up! Interpreters, too!


— one kitchen, yes; other kitchen, no

A deaf person applied for a job in a kitchen
of a Cracker Barrel restaurant, and was
refused an interview because of his deafness.
Not giving up, he applied for another kitchen
in a different restaurant and got the job.
To this day he is still successfully employed
in that restaurant. Is there a difference
between one kitchen and another kitchen –
inasmuch as all kitchens pretty much look
the same? Anyway Cracker Barrell has to pay
to settle the EEOC lawsuit.


— fake-patients, deaf and hearing

A team of researchers at Idaho State University
conducted an experiment. A group of four
deaf fake-patients and four hearing
fake- patients attempted to make medical
appointments. These medical facilities
said yes to these four fake-hearing
patients but gave four fake-deaf
patients a very hard time. Discrimination?
So very obvious!


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