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DeafDigest – 16 February 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 16, 2021

— finally revealing hotelier’s deafness

Roberto Wirth, who is deaf, owns two hotels,
one in Rome and one in the nearby mountains.
His hotels have been been written up as
world’s best in many newspapers and magazines.
Yet, for years, his deafness has never been
mentioned. Those that do not personally
know him, may never realize his deafness.
Finally, one recent story said:

Roberto Wirth, was born profoundly deaf and
is the fifth generation of a famous family of
Swiss hoteliers

While in USA, Wirth attended both Gallaudet
and NTID before moving on with his career
in the hotel field.


— an app possibly inviting itself into a messy lawsuit

The Clubhouse is an audio-based app that is gaining
in popularity. It seems not to be deaf-friendly
for reasons of audio. Yet, a deaf person set up
captions on the Clubhouse. Much to her anger,
she was kicked off the app because the users
objected to captions on the screen. What this
means is that Clubhouse may be setting themselves
up for a lawsuit, discriminating against deaf users!


— a thief mocks a deaf security guard

A thief, not wearing a mask, stole merchandise
from a supermarket and attempted to escape.
He realized the security guard was deaf and
mocked his deafness while running away.
He was caught and in addition to charges of
stealing, was charged for verbal abuse of
individual’s deafness!


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