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DeafDigest – 17 February 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 17, 2021

— interpreter’s own version of ASL

A newspaper story, in part, about an interpreter, said:

while providing her own American Sign Language version while she spoke

DeafDigest is not sure exactly what “own version” of ASL
means, while interpreting? Does the writer know what he
is “writing” about – because interpreters need to be
consistent with ASL while interpreting.


— says the chief accessibility officer

Quemuel Arroyo, who is disabled, is the chief
accessibility officer of the New York City
public transportation system. He said that
public transportation workers that know
ASL should make themselves available to
deaf passengers. This is important – in
case of emergencies, public address
systems would not help the deaf!


— a deaf joke ends up in the Supreme Court

A deaf joke ends up in the Supreme Court.
Not of USA, but of Canada. Years ago
a Canadian comedian told of a joke about
a young singer with a disability, which
included deafness. Ten years later, this
joke complaint is being heard in the
Canadian Supreme Court! Comedians try
so hard to be funny but it often
blows up in their face.


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