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DeafDigest – 23 February 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 23, 2021

— screaming at a deaf group

Years ago, a hearing person saw a group
of deaf people in a room – and immediately


A hearing person that witnessed this
screaming said she has been haunted
to this day by this lack of respect for
the deaf. 


— NASA never planned to train deaf astronauts

Way back in the late fifties, the NASA tested
a group of Gallaudet students to see how
their deafness gave them “perfect” balance
in space. Was there a hope that NASA would
train a deaf person to become an astronaut?
A NASA spokesperson said the deaf were never
considered as astronauts even though their
balance was much better than hearing!


— a deaf kickboxer with an interesting background

Mary Whittaker, who is deaf, has a blackbelt in
kickboxing. Her background is interesting as she
is a minister in the Church of Scotland, taking
care of her deaf parishioners.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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