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DeafDigest – 24 February 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 24, 2021

— a parallel to a famous comment

In 2006, Jane K. Fernandes, after being ousted
as the the incoming president of Gallaudet
Univesity, made this comment that reached
front page headlines – I am not deaf enough.
Fifteen years later (yesterday), a parallel
comment came up – a disabled person said “I
am not disabled enough” after losing her
position with the disabled group!


— referee punishes a deaf wrestler

Paul Ruff, who is deaf, was wrestling in the Nebraska State
wrestling tournament championship finals. Just to play
it safe, Ruff’s coaches advised the referee of his deafness.
Did it help? No. Ruff could not understand the gestures
of the referee, who was wearing a mask. While the referee
gestured, Ruff misunderstood, and as a result was given
a penalty point for “not following” instructions.
It was a major factor in the hearing wrestler winning
the state championship. If it is any consolation,
the champion wrestler got a lot of criticism on
the social media for defeating a deaf wrestler
who could not understand these “masked” instructions.
Why didn’t the referee accommodate Ruff’s deafness?
We shall never know!


— breaking ADA laws or not breaking ADA laws

A hospital has come up with an idea to communicate
with deaf patients. No interpreters. No VRI. Just
digital flashcards that asks deaf patients questions
about their medical issues. These flashcards work
with phone, tablet or computer. ADA? The hospital
is not worried as it is in Ireland!


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