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DeafDigest – 01 March 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 1, 2021

— deaf member of SWAT team

Could a deaf person serve with a SWAT
team? Hard to believe, but a newspaper
story (not in USA) said that a SWAT
team has a deaf member. Are newspaper
stories always well-written and accurate?
Not always that so!


— a careless tweet posting

A tweet said deaf people invented closed
captioning. Wish it was true, but it
is not true. The first closed captions
came up when a team of hearing engineers
at ABC and the National Bureau of Standards
worked together to come up with it. The
year was 1972 but the deaf people had to
wait 8 years before closed captions
became available to them.


— police teaching police to deal with the deaf

Karran Larson, not deaf, has been appointed by
Great Barrington Police Department (MA) to
train officers on how to best work with the deaf
during emergencies and other critical issues.
Just hope it all works out. In the heat of action,
police officers often forget what they have learned!


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