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DeafDigest – 03 March 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 3, 2021

— McDonald’s or 7-Eleven

If a deaf individual has money, should he invest it in
a McDonald’s franchise or a 7-Eleven franchise?
A McDonald’s franchise may require an upfront money
of over 2 million dollars. 7-Eleven is much cheaper
– $150,000 upfront money plus least $150,000 net
worth. Money may not be the problem (if the
deaf person has it); biggest problem is attitude.
McDonald’s once refused a deaf applicant, which
led to a lawsuit. DeafDigest does not know if
a deaf person approached 7-Eleven management
about buying a franchise and was turned down?


— can hear but is considered deaf

There was a story of a person that can hear
but ears and brain “don’t” work together.
For that reason, that person is considered
deaf. There have been different cases of
“hearing” people considered deaf because
of issues – cannot hear high frequency
sounds; up and down deafness just like
an elevator ride; cannot hear in a crowded
room but one on one is fine, and so on.


— unusual comment about deafness

We always see this phrase, that we hate –
turning a deaf ear. Could this be part
of an unusual comment re deafness?

A newspaper story said:
Don’t turn a deaf ear to ‘deafness’

Rather unusual a comment, says


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