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DeafDigest – 04 March 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 4, 2021

— a finance company makes surprising comment about deaf drivers

Bankrate is a finance company that advises clients on
their financial needs. With respect to deaf drivers,
in one part of their recent article said that deaf
drivers can drive safely, pointing out to our
deaf truck drivers as an example. Yet, in another
part of that same article, it said that deaf drivers
may face distractions as opposed to hearing drivers!
Are we safe drivers or are we getting distracted while
driving? DeafDigest always said that Deaf Drivers
are Safe Drivers, trusting eyes more than hearing
trust their ears!


— The Economist says Tech Sector ignores the deaf

The Economist is the magazine that professionals in
world of finance, business and economics, read. The
article today said that Alexa, Siri and others
have not accommodated the deaf – and as a result
they are racing against each other to catch up
to win praises from the Deaf Community!


— deaf GrabFood driver’s nightmare

A deaf Grabfood driver was bringing food to a customer,
but needed help with directions to her home. He was
trying to chat with her on the app, but it was turned
off. He eventually got the directions and delivered
food but with a very bad tip in return. She, however,
felt very guilty about giving the deaf driver a bad tip.
She then reached out to him and rewarded him with a very
generous second tip!


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