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DeafDigest – 18 March 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 18, 2021

— scammed out of $36,000 USA dollars

Scammers or even Deaf Scammers are everywhere.
We hate these scammers but it won’t go away.
Just recently the Finnish Sports Association
of the Deaf (Finland) was scammed out of
30,000 euros by scammers that pretended
to work as security guards in a bank.
30,000 euros equals nearly $36,000 in
USA dollars.


— small business vs big business

From the Deaf Training point of view what
is the difference between Small Business
and Big Business? If the employer wants
to give employees training in ASL, the
Big Business can afford to hire an
interpreter with a Power Point.
Small Business may find hiring
an ASL interpreter too expensive
for them! This was what one owner
of a Small Business said.


— interpreter’s nightmare

What is an interpreter’s nightmare? Having to
invent a new sign for a word that was never
interpreted in the past? No – all interpreters
deal with it. Then what is the nightmare?
Because of the pandemic, the interpeter faces
the camera with no audience in front of her
eyes! The interpreter had no way of knowing
if the deaf audience understood and
appreciated her signs. Fortunately for
that interpreter, she got responses from
Facebook and emails, all of them positive!


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