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DeafDigest – 26 March 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 26, 2021

— a deaf newscaster mystery 71 years ago

In 1950, John Tubergen became the first deaf
sign language TV newscaster in Chicago. He
only lasted 13 weeks before being dropped.
Why? It was understood that the program
was shut down because of a labor strike
by the TV electricians. But when the strike
was settled, he was not asked to come
back, nor was the ASL news resumed. This
is the big mystery that endures to this day.


— Cooking show on Facebook better than Cooking show on TV

There are many cooking shows on TV and all of them are
captioned. The show “Sheryl in the Kitchen” is not
on TV, but among the deaf of New Orleans, is much more
popular than the ones shown on TV. Reason is that
Sheryl’s brother – Anthony Aramburo is an interpreter
and he interprets any and everything that his sister
speaks out about these cooking skills and tricks.
It is shown via Facebook, so if you wish to improve
on your cooking skills, do look her up!


— AT&T great to deaf in past; bad to deaf in present

Years ago AT&T was great to the deaf in the past;
they donated surplus teletype machines for
conversion into these Model 15 and Model 19
machines that became the national deaf TTY
network. Plus AT&T made annual cash donations
to TDI, Inc to help distribute the national
deaf TTY directory. And they had one person
(Joe Heil) who represented AT&T at all big
deaf conventions and deaf events. Times
have changed – AT&T has been fined nearly
20 million dollars for not sponsoring and
supporting programs for the deaf as they
were supposed to do so.



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