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DeafDigest – 09 April 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 9, 2021

— Captions for the Hearing, not for the Deaf

There was a survey that said 80 percent of people
using captions were hearing, not deaf! Three reasons –

… hard to hear sounds in a noisy room
… to better learn English as a language
… to understand speakers that have thick accents

Could we say captions is the big Deaf Contribution to
the Hearing Society? Yes!


— Comment by New York Times

The New York Times headlined a story, saying
that Granville Redmond was an early example
of deaf representation in Hollywood. He was
well noted for his skills in painting and
acting and as a friend to everyone. Deaf
representation is not a correct description.
The correct description is Token Hollywood
Representation. While Redmond passed away
in 1935, this tokenism continues to this day!


— Bad communication: Doctors and/or Deaf Patients

Even with interpreters and video devices, something
always seem to be missing when doctors and deaf
patients try to communicate with each other.
Examples are – doctor telling the deaf patient
he will be getting a prescription, yet he leaves
the office without a slip for the pharmacist.
Another example is telling the deaf patient
he will be getting full tests – yet the deaf
patient leaves the office thinking he has not
gotten these tests. Whose fault is it? A group
of students from Babson College in Massachusetts
is working with University of Global Health Equity
on how to best improve communications.



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