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DeafDigest – 12 April 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 12, 2021

— one deafness insult will be difficult to forgive

Prince Philip insulted many people and many things
for many years. He even insulted a group of deaf
people – even though his mother was deaf. Now
that he has departed us, it will now be more
difficult for the Royal Family to ask the
public, especially the deaf, to forgive his


— less entertainment for a group

For a group of deaf, hard of hearing, hearing impaired,
late deafened, hearing loss, it means one thing.

Less entertainment for the group when watching non-captioned

This is what one critic said in an interview!


— deaf marriage on TV

Roy E. Pyles, a long time resident of West Virginia,
departed us. He was praised for his leadership among
the deaf of West Virginia. He also has earned a big
honor – getting married on a 1954 TV program – NBC’s
Bride and Groom. His bride was the former Delores Stepp.
Keep in mind there were no captions in these days.
Was the program interpreted? Do not know. Anyway,
only deaf marriage on TV or were there others?
Again, do not know.


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