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DeafDigest – 13 April 2021

— lip reading contest: deaf vs AI machine

Lip reading researchers said that in a
deaf vs AI machine contest, focused on
a TV news program, AI machine would win.
They said AI machine catches 48 percent
of newscaster spoken speech as compared
to deaf human’s 12 percent accuracy.
Really? Four times machine accuracy rate
above human accuracy? In real life,
lipreading is always tricky – accents,
dialects, lips easy to read, lips
impossible to read and so on.


— Godzilla vs. Kong is a big deal for one reason

Much publicity has been focused on deaf actress
Kaylee Hottle’s performance in the Godzilla vs. Kong
movie. It is a big deal for one reason – according
to a movie critic, it is a high budget film. And for
that reason, Hollywood people shy from casting deaf
people in “expensive” films! Low budget films, yes,
but not films that expensive.


— jobs for deaf at GBH

Years way back in 1972 WGBH came up with closed
captions for the deaf. WGBH has now become GBH
and they announced Donna Danielewski to be their
first Executive Director of Accessibility. The
goal is to employ the deaf, and  the disabled. Hope it
all works out.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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