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DeafDigest – 14 April 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 14, 2021

— the newspaper headline is wrong

A newspaper ran this headline:

Lip-reading masks help sign language users

This headline is trying to tell us that all
deaf people, even those that use sign language,
can read lips! The writer does not know what
he is writing about.


— advocate for the deaf shames the head of a nation

A head of nation knows what ADA is, for he is a dual-citizen
(of USA and Great Britain). It is UK’s Boris Johnson who
spent nearly £2.6m (nearly $4.0 million USA dollars) on
press conferences – but with no interpreters! Angry
Vicky Foxcroft, the Shadow Minister for Disabled People,
pointed this out to Boris’ face. Boris, who normally
is outspoken and is never at loss for words, had nothing
to say to Vicky! Same thing happened to the White House of
the previous administration, which had to be sued for this
same reason.


— TV weather news led by deaf meteorologist

Meaghan Thomas, who is deaf, but functions as
a hearing person (with hidden hearing aids)
is the meteorologist of the Nashville (TN)
WKRN News. She does not use sign language,
but only recently has accepted her deafness.


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