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DeafDigest – 15 April 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 15, 2021

— to be serious or to be funny

A deaf person and a hearing person share the same
residence. The deaf person requires captions
whereas the hearing person hates captions – and
repeatedly suggests that the deaf person wear
hearing aid when watching TV. Is the hearing
person serious about it or is repeatedly trying
to be funny about it? Sad!


— these disability statements

If and when you surf corporate web sites to look
up something, it may be best to look at
these disability statements. These big
corporations – such as American Airlines
and Marriott have their own disability
statements inside somewhere their own
web sites. They do not want ADA lawsuits
hence these statements. The problem is
that such statements are hidden and
it may not be easy to find it!


— using wrong interpreters

A deaf woman, near Las Vegas, was arrested in a
traffic stop. Her children were riding in the
car with her. Realizing communication was
impossible, the cops used the children to
interpret for their mother! The police
department said afterwards:

This department will make every effort to see that
its employees communicate effectively with people
who have identified themselves as deaf or hard of



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