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DeafDigest – 29 April 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – April 29, 2021

— shock: from big city to a small town

A deaf person lived in a big city and was
“spoiled” by a wide range of services
and opportunities – employment, social
life, captions, interpreters, social
services, etc. Needing a change of
scenery this deaf person moved to a
small town and was shocked by lack of
things that a big city would offer. It
was profiled in a newspaper story.


— no interpreter at Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour

There was a posting by the Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour
(Scranton, PA) that a handout has been prepared for
the deaf who are not accompanied by an interpreter.
Legal or illegal? The Small Museum Association
said that tourists should request an interpreter
via advance notification. In other words, no
last-minute walk-in requests!


— important meeting place in Faribault

Faribault is where Minnesota State Academy
for the Deaf is located. For the deaf
residents of Faribault, the most important
meeting place is the coffee shop in downtown!
For that reason, the coffee shop owner hired
a sign language person to accommodate
deaf patrons that want their coffee.


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