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DeafDigest – 03 May 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 3, 2021

— deaf person as Chief Accessibility Officer

A newspaper interviewed Jenny Lay-Flurrie, who is
deaf, discussing her role as the Microsoft
Chief Accessibility Officer. The story emphasized
that Microsoft is one of the few companies that
has a Chief Accessibility Officer, especially
a deaf officer. If few, are we saying that
Walmart, Amazon, CVS Health, ExxonMobil and
others (while having deaf employees) lack
a Chief Accessibility Officer?


— a deaf installer of electrical power lines

Kevin Anyira, who is deaf, is an installer of
electrical power lines. It is a dangerous job
which requires physical challenges. DeafDigest
does not know if there are other such deaf
installers of power lines elsewhere. He
works for the Kenya Power and Lighting Company
(Kenya, not USA).


— no purpose for an interpreter

Interpreters serve no purpose, especially during
Covid-19 press conferences! This was what
the United Kingdom government said. This is
the reason why this case is a hot, hot issue
in the British court system. Keep in mind
the past White House would not provide
interpreters during Covid-19 press conferences.


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