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DeafDigest – 05 May 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 5, 2021

— worldwide text relay service for the deaf

The International Telecommunication Union,
part of the United Nations, is coming up
with aworldwide text relay service for the deaf.
Not exactly how will it work – because of
6,500 identified printed languages all over
the world – but hope it works, just the same!


— the Zoom and the deaf designer

A deaf person designs products at home. He relies on
everything – emails, Google Docs, Github, Slack
and other apps. His design company requires staff
meetings on Zoom to discuss design issues – and
this the deaf designer’s biggest problem. For that
reason, he uses a lot of communication tools –
to get his points through with the staff. So far,
he says it works.


— deaf asylum-seekers and their sign languages

According to a report, deaf people seeking asylum,
may use sign languages, that the immigration
officers have difficulty finding interpreters
to communicate with them! Even with those with
Spanish Sigh Language, not recognized as one
of these universal sign languages, use local
or regional dialects that no one understands!


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