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DeafDigest – 13 May 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 13, 2021

— harassed interpreter wins $1.5 million

The California appellate court agreed with the
lower court to award an interpreter $1.5 million
from the California Department of Corrections.
The interpreter claimed harassment and
discrimination by the corrections staff who
did not like the way she was providing
services for deaf inmates. She was accused
of being too close to deaf inmates, a charge
she has denied.


— using the old-fashioned water pump

There is a tale that Helen Keller,
who was deaf-blind, used the water pump
to learn how to communicate with her
teacher-mentor Anne Sullivan. This
water pump is on the site that is
listed with the National Register
of Historic Places.


— always with a partner while on the job

Erica Trevino, who is deaf, is a police officer
with the Dalhart (TX) Police Department. She has
two job accommodation rules – must always have
a partner with her; she cannot drive alone
on police calls. Second rule is that all
calls to her while on patrol must be by
text. She can listen to radio calls but
still, must use texts. Her goal is to
become an investigator in the Police
Criminal Department.


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