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DeafDigest – 14 May 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 14, 2021

— Akron finally recognizes the deaf

Akron is now displaying a new statue which honors the
huge contributions the deaf made to the city. The
statue has a kiosk; hope it is deaf-friendly. The
contributions were:

Ben Schowe, who was deaf, was a labor economist,
pushing for deaf rights with Firestone

deaf employed at rubber plants were valued as noise
didn’t bother them

growth of Deaf Population as #1 largest in USA

Goodyear’s training of “Silent Squadron” which
was tasked with doing all tasks the plant expected
of them

Goodyear Silents semi-pro football team that won
championships and had games with Akron Pros, an
early year NFL team!


— big reason some prison officers don’t like ASL

There are sign languages communicated by hearing
prisoners, which is not ASL. Some prison officers
feel that ASL, with a lot of facial expressions,
may be the same as one of sign languages used
by the hearing (coded communications). This is
the reason why some ASL interpreters are
given hard time in some prisons.


— second deaf wedding in NBC’s Bride & Groom

A while ago DeafDigest mentioned that the marriage
of Roy Pyles and his wife was featured in the NBC’s
1954 Bride & Groom program. It was learned that
there was another deaf marriage on TV – of Archie
and Roberta Woodie shown on the same program, at
a different time in 1954.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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