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DeafDigest – 17 May 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 17, 2021

— our perfect world

What is our perfect world, and even also more-perfect

An advocate said – deaf always having both captions
and interpreters, allowing them to decide which is
best for themselves.

More-perfect world?

Deef having full equity and accessibility to everything
in life!


— hearing doing homework

When DeafDigest editor toured Paris some years
back he had a meal at a deaf-run cafe. The
proprietor said he spent 2-3 years doing
research on other shops and stores that
employ the deaf – to see what works the
best and what doesn’t with the deaf.
There was a story about Pica Pica Bakery
in Wuhan (China). The owner did the
same thing – traveling to other deaf-run
bakeries, cafes and educational programs
for the deaf in three other major cities.
When hearing hire the deaf, do they do
homework? Good question!


— not a priority at police academy

Some police officers don’t know how to deal
with the deaf during traffic stops. Lack of
deaf training at police academy? Classes
at police academy sometimes are 4-5 months;
sometimes 6 months at other academies.
One or two hour one-time lectures on
deafness at these academies are never


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