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DeafDigest – 19 May 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 19, 2021

— frustrations of a full time deaf investor

A deaf person, who is a full time investor,
is frustrated. He constantly gets iPhone
voice calls from an investment brokerage,
wanting to discuss an issue with one
stock in his portfolio. The deaf person
has indicated his deafness and text only,
no voice, in his investment profile.
That broker has that information – but
still stubbornly uses voice calls!


— a deaf pharmacy technician

Amazon Pill Pack is a full-service online
pharmacy that packages medication and delivers
it to patients’ homes. Nicole Hlibichuk, of
Phoenix, who is deaf, is a pharmacy technician.
She has struggled with employees that do not know
how to deal with her deafness. Things are getting
better in due time. This begs a question – are
there deaf pharmacy technicians at big chain
pharmacies – such as CVS or Walgreen or


— a sign language news anchor that looks like a cartoon

Which would deaf people prefer – a live sign language
news anchor or a sign language news anchor that looks
like a cartoon (or at least AI)? Sogou Inc is coming
up with a a sign language news anchor that is not
a real person! It is in China.


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