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DeafDigest – 20 May 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 20, 2021

— photographic communications

A deaf man would communicate with the hearing
by showing him pictures of his life, his
travels and the Deaf Culture. This may be
the new way of communicating with the hearing!


— clarifying Deaf Space

In an article that was posted today, Deaf
Space was defined as floor and wall layouts
that are not square or rectangular, plenty
of inside space that Deaf Eyes can see and
look around, and lights that are not dark.

Not part of article, but Deaf Space is
also Deaf House at:


— an almost-ASL overgesturing

A hearing basketball fan was watching a
basketball game, and noticed something
interesting. The referee used basketball
signals during the flow of the play
and by his gestures, suspected he
was deaf. His gestures seemed to be
almost-ASL. After the game the fan
asked the referee if he was deaf.
The referee said yes!


Deaf jobs – latest update

05/16/21 Blue and Gold editions & sub options at: