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DeafDigest – 08 June 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 8, 2021

— making a deaf actress feel comfortable

A long-running TV series has just featured a new
deaf actress. Wanting to make her comfortable
during her acting scenes, a veteran actor has
made it a point to communicate with her between
breaks. The deaf actress said:

He made me feel at ease right from the start

The TV series is EastEnders.


— taking a picture of a deaf person for a big reason

A hearing photographer, sensitive to the needs of
the deaf, entered a photo contest. His entry was
a picture of a deaf person – for a big reason.
He wanted to show the judges that deafness is
an invisible disability and no one, just by
looking at the picture, would know it!
His photo won him a prize.


— communicating with a 5-year old deaf kid

Kids are kids, regardless of being deaf or
being hearing. Some of them will sneak out
of the locked house and the locked back yard
for a walk down the sidewalk, all by themselves
behind the backs of their family members.
One such 5-year old deaf kid did, but a
police officer caught the kid, and realized
he was deaf. How to communicate with that
deaf kid? The police would show him a picture
chart, hoping the kid would point at the
appropriate response – such as as home, scared,
stop, etc.


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