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DeafDigest – 10 June 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 10, 2021

— a mother is never a job coach for her deaf son

A mother is not a job coach. A hearing employer
had problems with his deaf employee. Frustrated
he telephoned the mother, explaining these
work-related issues, and hinted that she should
help out with the job tasks of her deaf son.
This approach is wrong. He should have found
better ways to reach out to the deaf employee,
instead of scolding, yelling and screaming
at him!


— panicking when deaf customer comes in

A store clerk said that when he faced a deaf customer
for the first time in his life, he pushed his own
panic button, unsure on what to do! Deaf people
are human beings and there is absolutely no reason
to panic. There are notes; there are gestures;
there are finger pointing at menu dishes, etc.
Just calm down and relax.


— a sign language incident

A hospital had a deaf patient. A new nurse came
in and checked the computer, not realizing the patient
was deaf. She then signed in ASL to herself while
looking at the computer. The deaf patient saw it
and asked the nurse to please start all over
with ASL as he thought she was signing to him
(in which she wasn’t). The nurse, shocked
at the deaf patient watching her, immediately
apologized, saying she was practicing her own


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