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DeafDigest – 11 June 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 11, 2021

— Facebook strangers help deaf person move from one town to another

A deaf person, offered a new job in a new town, had issues
while packing and moving, while at the same time, was
unfamiliar with the new town environs. No problem!
She posted her moving issues on Facebook, and much
to her surprise, many strangers offered to help with
the move! In this case, Facebook helping the deaf?


— visiting a big cemetery

Three deaf Texans – Steve Baldwin, David Myers and
Larry Evans, visited the Texas State Cemetery,
located in Austin. Walking around, they were
able to locate the graves of individuals that
either were prominent deaf Texans or of hearing
people that did much to help the deaf. They stopped
at nearly 10 names – but it may be possible there
were others that were overlooked!


— agents important for deaf actors

Years ago Marlee Matlin gave a speech at an event,
saying agents are a must for deaf actors wanting
Hollywood roles. A deaf actor cannot do it alone.
Anyway there was a story that deaf actress
Millicent Simmonds has signed with WME to have
her represented in all Hollywood activities.
WME is one of the world’s most important and
most powerful agencies. Will we be seeing more
of Simmons in the years to come?


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