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DeafDigest – 17 June 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 17, 2021

— a state rated #1 in nation in interpreter access

New Mexico’s courts was rated #1 in the nation
by the National Center for Access to Justice
for language access services, that included
access to interpreters. In second place
is Connecticut.


— a deaf candidate and her residency issues

Vivian Song Maritz who is deaf, is running for
the Seattle School Board. It is a controversial
matter due to her residency issues. She has been
accused of living in a different district
than the district she is campaigning as a
School Board candidate. She functions as
a hearing person.


— medical fellow said CI has inaccurate performance rates

Matthew Shew, not deaf, has been awarded a Dean’s Scholar
at the Washington University School of Medicine in
St. Louis. This honor will allow him to do research
on why there is no accurate way of figuring out
cochlear implant success/failure rates. Yes,
there are CI success stories, and also CI failure
stories – but why? This is what Shew is working on.


Deaf jobs – latest update

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