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DeafDigest – 05 July 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 05, 2021

— Gallaudet and NCAA’s NIL

Those that follow college sports know what NIL (name,
image and likeness) is all about. It means college
athletes (almost all on NCAA-I level) can get money
from endorsement deals. Gallaudet plays on the
NCAA-III level. Could Gallaudet athletes get these
NIL deals? In theory, yes, but keep in mind we have
a number of deaf-run businesses and deaf-run
corporations. Could they endorse (and pay)
Gallaudet athletes? Yes! Will this happen? Do
not know!


— non-ASL group not satisfied by lawsuit agreement

An agreement was made among the Sheriff’s Office,
Public Defender’s Office and the Superior Court
to settle the lack of communications lawsuit.
Not satisfied was a local group of non-ASL
deaf, saying the lawsuit does not accommodate
their communication needs!


— firing a newly-hired deaf employee

A qualified deaf person was hired for a job
in finances. The person who hired the deaf
person had to be away from his job for
several days, but instructed his assistant
to train and mentor the new deaf employee.
The assistant did not want to work with
the deaf and deliberately messed up the
work assignment to make the new employee
look bad, getting fired. The top boss came
back to office and found out that the deaf
employee was fired. He knew the work
assignment mess was deliberate. As a
result he immediately fired the assistant
and told the fired-deaf employee to come back!


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