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DeafDigest – 23 July 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 23, 2021

— Indians, no; Bison, yes

For years the mascot of the athletic teams at Oklahoma
School for the Deaf was the Indians. No more! The
mascot is now the Bison. Discussions among the alumni,
and staff agreed on the change to the Bison. Sounds
familiar? Yes – the Bison has always been Gallaudet’s


— Deaf Green; Deaf Red

A Coda is a fitness instructor, using musical boxes
to set the tone for her classes’ physical movements.
Her deaf father, watching her conduct her classes,
suggested that for deaf clients, she make an
adjustment with the colors to indicate green
as “go ahead and start exercising” and to
indicate red as stop. She immediately accepted
the suggestion as a great idea.


— no more walkie-talkies

On field trips, walkie-talkies is a much better
way of communicating by voice instead of the
cell phones. For a deaf scientist, working
on the field with hearing scientists, the
walkie-talkies is pretty much useless.
This deaf scientist suggested few simple
gestures. As a result, the walkie-talkies
has been used less and less by these


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