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DeafDigest – 28 July 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 28, 2021

— gold medal winner

Meg Harris, from Australia, is hard of hearing, and
has struggled trying to catch messages from the public
announcement system. It did not stop her from winning
a gold meal with her swimming relay team at the


— Netflix’s hard of hearing pastry chef

Maya-Camille Broussard is a Chicago pastry chef;
she competed on the Netflix’s pastry competition.
She is hard of hearing, and said:

I relied on my superpowers in the sense of smell and
sense of taste to lead me in creating flavorful dishes


— a surprise USA announcement about the Paralympics

It was announced that American medalists in the
upcoming Paralympics will be paid the same as
American medalists in the Olympics. This means
$37,500 reward for each gold medal collected
with a sliding scale down to bronze medalists.
Two things – will it prompt our Deaflympics to
affiliate with the Paralympics? Money talks, you
know! And the second thing is that deaf-blind
swimmer Becca Meyers would have been paid if she
participated and won medals! She withdraw from
the Paralympics because the committee would not
allow her mother to be her personal assistant!


Deaf jobs – latest update

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