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DeafDigest – 29 July 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 30, 2021

— future interpreter got her start

A 10-year old girl was asked by a teacher
to help deaf students in their own classroom.
She was hooked with the idea of using
sign language to help the deaf. That was
her start with the interpreting profession
years ago.


— teaching the deaf to drive a truck

A deaf person enrolled in a truck-driving
school. The instructors were concerne about
teaching the deaf student the right way.
They came up with some ideas – using
remote control lighted beacon while
driving in the yard, using cue cards
and dry erase board while on the road.
Result – the deaf student graduated and
was immediately offered a job by a
trucking company!


— sad public health irony

The Pharmacists’ Defence Association has constantly
reminded the British government to provide interpreters
for deaf pharmacists in presss conferences, classes
and workshops. For reasons of its own, the government
won’t, even if their deaf pharmacists are the last
to know about public health announcements. Hearing
pharmacists more important than deaf pharmacists?
No way!


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