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DeafDigest – 01 August 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 2, 2021

— unusual intra-tribe sign language

The Yolgnu sign language is being used by one
of these tribes in the Northern Territory of
Australia. Nearest major city is Darwin, just
310 miles away. This sign language is unusual
because it is being used by the hearing, not
by the deaf! While many native tribes use
sign languages, it is to communicate with
nearby tribes. This sign language is
intra-tribal, hence it being unusual. Sadly
it is in danger of extinction as younger
members of the tribe do not use it.


— one of the leading hotels of the world

one of the Leading Hotels of the World
is The Hassler Roma. It is completely deaf-owned
by Roberto Wirth in Rome. This group of
Leading Hotels of the World is an organization
that lists 400 best hotels in 80 nations
and is headquartered in New York. And
speaking of USA, Wirth has American School
for the Deaf, Gallaudet and NTID roots, having
attended all three schools while growing up.


— deaf editor of a county newspaper in Virginia

It was announced that Ben Peters, who is deaf,
has been named the editor of the Rapp News.
It is located in Rappahannock county, which
is not too far from the metro Washington, DC
area. He functions as a hearing person and does
not use ASL.


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