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DeafDigest – 09 August 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 9, 2021

— caution by veteran deaf Hollywood actor

A veteran deaf actor of past Hollywood movies
said deaf actors must always struggle and
scuffle to get new acting roles. It does not
matter if a deaf actor feels so great about
landing a recent role, he must still struggle
to get that “next” acting role. All the more
reason why Marlee Matlin has always said that
it is very important to work with a good
agent! Very different from hearing actors –
for one reason – hearing roles are much more
frequent than deaf roles.


— ADA case was lost

A hospital that “knew” that an interpreter
must be provided, “won” ADA case filed by a
deaf patient! The deaf patient never proved
his deafness and did not request an interpreter
during his visit, even though notes and whiteboard
did not help! The hospital showed evidence of
these failed communication efforts and showed
it to the judge. Bad hospital attitude? Yes.


— mystery while traveling back into Deaf Past

A newspaper in North Vancouver (Canada) ran
s story of two deaf photographers in a business
partnership way between 1906 through 1908.
This partnership was shortlived. Why?
Lack of business? Partnership disputes?
Lost lease with a photographic studio?
Lost interest among these photographers?
Better opportunities elsewhere? Etc.
Always a mystery, but keep in mind
almost all businesses do not last


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