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DeafDigest – 10 August 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 10, 2021

— most powerful deaf person in Hollywood

Marlee Matlin is easily the most powerful
deaf person in Hollywood. When she was offered
a role in the “Coda” movie, she made a demand
– that all deaf roles be cast by real-deaf,
not fake-deaf actors. Hollywood accepted that


— Golden Rule for hearing people to follow

How to communicate with the deaf? The Golden
Rule is this – Get the deaf person’s attention
before speaking to that person. If it means tapping
(gently) the deaf person’s shoulder first, yes!

— the gesture, valuable or useless

The gesture, valuable or useless? Psychology
Today ran an article saying that the use of
hand gestures as a means of communication is
valuable for the deaf. It is valuable if both deaf
and hearing understand what the gesture is trying to
say. It is useless if it is same as waving the hand
wildly in the air, hearing hoping the deaf would
understand it. If the deaf person doesn’t then the
gesture is a waste of time!


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