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DeafDigest – 12 August 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 12, 2021

— signing person or an interpreter

A coach, that knows ASL, said that his kids
prefer a signing coach as opposed to having
an interpreter shadowing them. A coach is
emotionally involved with the team and may
compromise his signs. An interpreter, on the
other hand, is neutral. Which is better?


— treating deaf with respect

A newspaper headline said:

finally treating deaf people with respect

This was in reference to the upcoming movie
“Coda” – but respect? Hearing people may enjoy
the movie, but upon leaving the movie house
they continue to treat the deaf with disrespect.
Respect means involving the deaf in social
settings, giving the deaf better employment
opportunities, giving the deaf better social
services, providing more captions, providing
more interpreters and so on. DeafDigest editor
doesn’t see this happening overnight!


— upset ASL students

A common complaint among these ASL students is
that once they step out of the classroom, there is
no one to practice their signs with. This may be
the reason for loss of interest among these
students once they are done with classes!


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