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DeafDigest – 13 August 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 13, 2021

— all talk and no action

Years ago when AT&T was the king, their Bell Labs
was touted as the nation’s #1 lab for future inventions,
future devices, and future innovations. What happened?
Ideas from Bell Lab scientists was suppressed by the
AT&T bureaucracy. As a result – deaf devices such
as TV phone for the deaf, super TTY devices for
the deaf, email system for the deaf had publicity
but were killed off by the bureaucracy. This
was the accusation written in a story by an


— a puzzling claim about open captions

There was a claim that “Coda” has become the first
film to be open captioned in theaters with no need
for these captioning devices. This claim is puzzling
because DeafDigest editor, years back, saw open captioned
films – Jurassic Park, Seabiscuit, The River Wild
and possibly few others. Captions were on the screen
with no need for these devices.


— alone without advocacy

An interpreter said that while he has a contract
with an an interpreting agency, no one advocates
for his profession. In other words interpreters
provide an essential service all by themselves
without outside protection. This is what one
interpreter said in a newspaper interview –
being in a gray area.


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