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DeafDigest – 16 August 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 16, 2021

— helping solve a crime

A newspaper story said that an interpreter
helped solve a crime! Really? No. The
interpreter just interpreted what the deaf
victim of a crime told the police. And
the interpreter was given credit for it!


— struggles of a deaf TV news photojournalist

Stephen Bourque, who is deaf, has been a
TV news photojournalist for 16 years in
Chicago. He is an oralist that knows no
ASL. The face mask cut off his lipreading.
And for that reason he said he had to
depend on common sense and experience to get
things done, saying he had to do the best he
was able to do so.


— computer discriminates against the deaf

Do computers discriminate against the deaf?
Or more specifically the AI! Many companies
use AI to screen out “unqualified” applicants
and so, for some reason AI has been designed
to consider the deaf as unqualified, no matter
their background and qualifications. This was
what an article in the Microscopy Research and
Technique magazine is saying!


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