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DeafDigest – 18 August 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 18, 2021

— a big challenge or an exaggeration

A deaf activist said it is quite a big challenge just
to order coffee at a coffee cafe, and that by the time
the order arrives, it is already cold. An exaggeration?
DeafDigest thinks so. There are deaf people that love
just regular coffee and would point to it during the order.
There are also deaf people that love complicated coffee
mixes – and they could just write on a notepad what
they want – or point to the coffee menu on the wall. Just
keep in mind hearing people do find it challenging to
order their complicated coffee orders!


— punished for filing too many ADA lawsuits

A deaf man, who worked with his hearing attorney,
filed too many ADA lawsuits in a 6-year span. For
that reason, a federal circuit court panel
agreed to punish them with a fine and a community
service requirement. The judge said it was an
illegal way of trying to make money off the
ADA defendants.


— a widely-praised movie still has critics

There are always critics that express disappointment
even when a movie is perceived to be a success. The
CODA movie is no exception. Some said that despite
the movie success, there are still deaf people and
even Coda struggles. Others said the movie lacked
racial diversity. And so on. Can’t always win!


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