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DeafDigest – 26 August 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 26, 2021

— Mr. Goodbar candy named by accident

Hershey named Mr. Goodbar candy by accident.
Milton S. Hershey was late deafened and he thought
an associate said “Mister Goodbar.” The associate
actually said something else that Hershey misunderstood,
thinking it was a good name for a new candy bar.
The name stood and Mr. Goodbar continues as a
popular candy! Fact or fiction?


— it is so fast

someone said on twitter:
deaf people do sign language so fast it’s amazing

no one actually says:
hearing people do speak so fast it’s amazing


— the Justice of the Pies

The Justice of the Pies, a pie-making company in
Chicago, is owned by Maya-Camille Broussard. She
said she is a member of the local deaf and hard
of hearing community, and therefore her taste buds
and sense of smell is higher. Is she really deaf?
There may be some hearing people that say they
belong to the deaf community, but without saying
they are deaf!


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