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DeafDigest – 01 September 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 1, 2021

— old films thrown away by movie studios

Lon Chaney, a Coda, performed in great
silent films. His acting skills were the best
among these silent film actors. Where can
we find Chaney’s old films? Possibly some gone for
good, thanks to movie studio executives who
had no plans for future showings! Speaking
of Chaney, it is very possible that he learned
his acting skills (facial expressions, mime,
body language, etc) from his Coda parents
while growing up.


— a long way to make a voice 911 call

A deaf person, wanting to make a voice
911 call, traveled from his home
to his mother’s home. Both towns were
about 30-35 miles apart. DeafDigest
editor is puzzled – he could have
used the relay service to save him
traveling time and distance!


— minor and unimportant deaf role

Deaf actors struggle to get acting roles,
be it movies or TV sitcoms or theatrical
plays. And when they finally get a role,
it is so unimportant, so short, so small,
so minor that the audience immediately
forgets his appearance! A deaf actor,
appearing on a TV sitcom, warned
DeafDigest editor about it. That if
DeafDigest editor’s eyeblinked he would
miss the deaf actor’s cameo appearance.


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