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DeafDigest – 03 September 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 3, 2021

— Federal government says Supreme Court is wrong

The federal government told nation’s top court
that it is wrong regarding a deaf woman suffering
from emotional distress. The Fifth Circuit
disagreed, saying there is nothing in the law books
about emotional distress under federal disability bias
lawsuits. How often would a Supreme Court agree
with the federal government as there have been years
and years of past disagreements between the government
and the court?

— Stranger deaf man becoming buddies with Stranger hearing man

There was a story of Jerry Cooper who is deaf, becoming coffee
cafe friends with a hearing man, who knew no ASL in the past.
He has been learning ASL – for one reason, to chat with
Jerry on any topic, even politics! They also use gestures
and write notes.


— disagreement on best ways for police to deal with deaf

The Connecticut subcommittee of the Police Transparency and
Accountability Task Force wanted to find best ways for the
police to deal with the deaf during traffic stops. They
created a list of recommendations. Yet there were
disagreements among the subcommittee members! The vote
was for approval, yet disagreements have continued.


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