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DeafDigest – 06 September 2021

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 6, 2021

— assistant golf professional at a DC metro area golf course

Langston Frazier, who is deaf, is now the assistant golf
professional at the University of Maryland Golf Course.
To pass exams and to get certified, he had to attend
classes at PGA Golf Management University Program at the
University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Not sure if
he knows ASL, but there have been deaf golfers at the
University of Maryland Golf Course.


— punishing a mocking teenager

A teenager mocked deafness of a deaf person.
That deaf person reported it to the parents
of the mocking teenager. Punishment? The
parents just bought a new car for that
mocking teenager and had it returned to the


— 30 is too many; judge was suspicious

A deaf man, with his attorney, filed lawsuits
against 30 gas stations, saying pump videos
lacked captions and therefore violating ADA
rules. The judge said 30 is too many and was
suspicious about it – did the deaf person
wanted captions at the pumps or was he looking
for money? Anyway judge threw out the lawsuit,
ordering both the deaf man and the attorney
to pay monetary damages.


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